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Information on Alaska's constitutionally mandated Nov. 8, 2022 constitutional convention referendum, including news, opinion, and history


Phu, Lisa, Constitutional convention ballot question in November becomes focus in Alaska’s abortion fight, Alaska Beacon, June 28, 2022. Also published in the Anchorage Press on June 30, 2022. Note: this “news” article is framed like it was written by a PR spokesperson for the no campaign. The critical question not addressed here is why a convention would propose an anti-abortion amendment when Alaska’s voters are overwhelmingly opposed to banning abortion and would never ratify such a proposal. That popular unpopularity on a high salience issue makes for excellent no-campaign politics — but bad journalism.

Larson, Clarise, ‘We won’t go back’: Abortion rights protesters rally near the state Capitol, Juneau Empire, June 25, 2022.

Stremple, Claire, Alaskans react to Supreme Court decision to eliminate abortion rights, KTOO, June 24, 2022. The bill referred to, HB206, was a messaging bill, not a bill with a realistic chance of passage. It had only one sponsor and was not even able to get a committee vote. Polls indicate that Alaskans are overwhelmingly pro choice.

Miller, Reagan, Dunleavy talks constitutional convention, Roe v. Wade in Ketchikan, KRBD, June 24, 2022. 

Berman, Annie, Abortion access in Alaska remains after Supreme Court overturns Roe v. Wade, but a fight is coming, Anchorage Daily News, June 24, 2022. 

Phu, Lisa, Right to abortion in Alaska remains protected, but advocates say it’s fragile, Alaska Beacon, June 22, 2022. Note: polls indicate that the right to choose is overwhelmingly popular among Alaska voters as a whole (albeit not with Republicans), so the indirect claim in this article that voters might ratify something they strongly oppose is interesting because it assumes that voters would vote against their own interests on a highly salient issue.

Ruskin, Liz, Anti-abortion advocates in Alaska push for constitutional convention, Alaska Public Media, May 10, 2022.

Brooks, James, Anticipating a busy election season, Alaska constitutional convention opponents launch early campaign, Alaska Public Media, April 11, 2022.

Segall, Peter, House passes operating, mental health budgets, fails to pass effective date, reverse sweep, Juneau Empire, April 9, 2022.

Hersey, Linda, Voters to decide if Alaska should have a constitutional convention, Fairbanks Daily News-Miner, April 8, 2022.

Segall, Peter, Coalition to oppose constitutional convention grows, Juneau Empire, April 7, 2022.

Bohrer, Becky, and David A. Lieb, State constitutional convention measures stoke partisan fear, Associated Press, Thiessssen, Mark, Constitutional Conventions, Associated Press, March 20, 2022.

Botelho warns chamber audience there’s a “high risk” a constitutional convention will be approved, KINY, Feb. 25, 2022.

Botelho to address Juneau Chamber on why a constitutional convention is a bad idea, KINY, Feb. 23, 2022.

O’Hara, Ashlyn, Babcock enters state Senate race, Peninsula Clarion, Feb. 22, 2022.

Segall, Peter, PFD formula proposals provoke strong public reaction, Juneau Empire, Feb. 21, 2022.

Bengel, Alex, “Defend Our Constitution” group formed to oppose constitutional convention, KTVF, Jan. 5, 2022.

Mason, Shannon, Lt. Governor Kevin Meyer Announces Decision to Not Seek Re-election, Alaska Native News, Dec. 29, 2021.

Alaskan leaders form group opposing a constitutional convention, KINY, Dec. 17, 2021.

Bauman, Margaret, Committee formed to defend state’s current constitution, The Cordoba Times, Dec. 17, 2021.

Segall, Peter, Group warns of costs, time and changes from constitutional convention, Juneau Empire, Dec. 13, 2021. Also published in the Peninsula Clarion, Dec. 13, 2021.

Moore, Anthony, Alaskans Form ‘Defend Our Constitution’ To Oppose Constitutional Convention, KSRM, Dec. 13, 2021.

Brooks, James, Alaska political insiders prepare for a fight over next year’s constitutional convention vote, Anchorage Daily News, Dec. 13, 2021.

Downing, Suzanne, Lawmakers, former lawmakers form to oppose constitutional convention, Must Read Alaska, Dec. 12, 2021.

Rockey, Tim, Group forms opposing constitutional convention, KTUU, Dec. 12, 2021. Also published in Alaska’s News Source, Dec. 12, 2021 (includes a TV segment).

Maquire,  Sean, Alaska constitutional convention on the ballot next year with focus on the PFD, Alaska’s News Source, Nov. 1, 2022.*

Brooks, James, Supporters of a big PFD are starting to back a constitutional convention. Alaska’s conservatives and libertarians see an opportunity, Anchorage Daily News, Sept. 5, 2021.

Buxton, Mat, Dunleavy’s head of ‘constitutional reform’ thinks the Alaska Constitution is ‘awful,’ pushed for convention, The Midnight Sun, Sept. 13, 2018.

Brooks, James, Supporters of a big PFD are starting to back a constitutional convention, Anchorage Daily News, Sept. 5, 2021. Author’s tweet.

Talk Shows

Note: It is hard to gather information on radio, TV, and internet-based events covering the upcoming constitutional convention referendum, so this section is incomplete. Please send missing event information to this website via its contact page.

Michael Dukes Talk Show, KMVN 105.7 FM, March 10, 2022. Interview with J.H. Snider. Description: We start off with headlines and then jump into a deeper discussion with Dr JH Snider PhD about the in’s and out’s of the Constitutional Convention. We’ll go through the mechanics, positives and pitfalls of the ConCon. The discussion is from 20:25 to 59:10.

Suzanne Downing Podcast, Must Read Alaska, Dec. 21, 2021. Interview with Fritz Pettyjohn. Description: “In today’s episode of the MRAK podcast, Suzanne Downing talks with Fritz Pettyjohn about his time in Alaska, including the state senate, news, and more. He also discusses the ideas behind the constitutional convention.”

Pro & Con Debates

Alaskan Independence Party Chair Bob Bird vs. Alaska Senator John Coghill: Constitutional Convention Debate, Alaska, Feb. 5, 2022. Q&A begins at 53 minutes. Two social conservatives disagree over the merits of calling a constitutional convention.


Note: Blogs are excluded from this list.


Pettyjohn, Fritz, Do we trust Alaskans to decide the dividend question?, Must Read Alaska, Jan. 20, 2022. The author has also been on a Must Read Alaska podcast on the upcoming constitutional convention referendum. 

Pettyjohn, Fritz, The PFD and the constitutional convention – Must Read Alaska, Must Read Alaska, Dec. 15, 2021.


Mertz, Max, Just say no to a constitutional convention, Juneau Empire, June 7, 2022. Also published in the Peninsula Clarion on June 9, 2022.

Kimmel, Mara, Constitutional convention threatens Alaskans’ privacy, reproductive health care rights, Anchorage Daily News, May 9, 2022. Also published as an ACLU of Alaska Press Release. Fact check: “The first time the question appeared on the ballot was 1972.” This statement is incorrect: the first time was 1970. (Published in May  10, 2022 print edition.)

Haycox, Steven, Supreme Court signals on abortion are an ominous sign for Alaskans’ right to privacy, Anchorage Daily News, May 9, 2022.

Franks, Lyn, Oppose Constitutional Convention, Anchorage Daily News, May 4, 2022. 

Gruening, Win, Constitutional Convention would open a can of worms, Juneau Empire, April 28, 2022. Also published in Peninsula Clarion, April 30, 2022 and 6Park.News/Alaska, April 28, 2022.

Harrison, Gordon, Alaska’s constitution has served us well since statehood, Anchorage Daily News, April 22, 2022. (Published in April 24, 2022 print edition.)

Giessel, Cathy, et al., Why Alaskans are uniting against a constitutional convention, Anchorage Daily News, April 7, 2022. Fact Check: in 1972 Alaskans voted to approve a convention, but a court later overturned the result. The press release coinciding with the website rollout was Defend Our Constitution Announces Statewide Coalition Opposing 2022 Constitutional Convention Question, April 7, 2022.

Corbus, Bill, A constitutional convention is fraught with danger for Juneau, Southeast and Alaska as a whole, Juneau Empire, Dec. 20, 2021. Also published in the Peninsula Clarion.

Persily, Larry, Alaska shouldn’t risk the free-for-all of a constitutional convention, Anchorage Daily News, Nov. 11, 2021.

Jenkins, Paul, A constitutional convention is a terrible idea for Alaska, Anchorage Daily News, Sept. 10, 2021.

Homer, Hal, Quit the constitutional convention talk, Anchorage Daily News, Sept. 16, 2021.

No Side

Snider, J.H., Preparing for Alaska’s constitutional convention referendum, Juneau Empire, Feb. 9, 2022.





No Convention, Ketchikan Daily News, April 30, 2022. Permanent link.


Note: Social media posts may not represent a settled group position. But even if they are trail balloons, they are likely to forecast a group’s ultimate position.

No Side



Defend Our Constitution, April 8, 2022. This is the  website of the key coalition opposing a constitutional convention It is unlikely that convention proponents will have any messaging, including website, that is comparably well-funded, well-tested, and sophisticated.

Resolution of the Alaska Municipal League, 2022.

Save Our State, Facebook post on the Save Our State’s official website, Nov. 12, 2021.

Central Kenai Peninsula League of Women Voters, Facebook post on the League’s official website, Sept. 13, 2021.

No Side


Campaign Finance

For additional information, see the Alaska Public Offices Commission, Campaign Disclosure. Key dates: Oct. 10, 2022 (for Feb. 2 to Oct. 7), Nov. 1, 2022 (for Oct. 8 to Oct. 29), Daily as needed (for Oct. 30 to Nov. 7), Feb. 15, 2023 (for Oct. 30 to Feb. 1). For more details, see Alaska Public Offices Commission: Group Reporting Dates 2022 State Elections. For the electronic filings, see Group Registration: Forms.




Defend Our Constitution: To urge Alaskans to oppose a constitutional convention

Registration Forms for Defend Our Constitution

2021-12-12. As amended: 2021-12-13.


Independent Expenditures Form 15-6

Compendium–Form 15-6






Year End Contributions Report

Year end contributions report as of 2/1/2022 (Total $29,778.08 plus $57,500.00 in debt.) 

“Contributions” Table

Total “contributions” as of 3/2/2022: $80,753,32.

Addendum: as of 4/2/2022, Alaska NEA was the largest contributor with a $50,000 contribution plus extensive, non-reportable internal organizational support.

Note that Alaska doesn’t require timely disclosure of large contributors. Instead, recipients of expenditures can be listed as taking on a “debt,” allowing large contributors to temporarily delay disclosing their contributions.

Date Recipient Amount URL
12/12/2021 Ship Creek Group, LLC $3,000
12/13/2021 Paul DeLaiarro (affiliated with Ship Creek Group) $246
12/27/2022 Anedot $4.30 N.A.
1/1/2022 Ship Creek Group, LLC $10,000
1/05/2022 Ira Slomski-Pritz (affiliated with Ship Creek Group) $64.99
2/1/2022 Ship Creek Group, LLC $10,000
2/1/2022 Fathom Strategic Communications (founded 3/31/2021) $7,000
2/1/2022 Yuit Communications $27,500
2/20/2022 Anedot $1.03 N.A.
2/27/2022 Anedot $8.60 N.A.
3/1/2022 Ship Creek Group, LLC $10,000
3/2/2022 Ship Creek Group, LLC $7,746.75
3/10/2022 Ship Creek Group, LLC $23,000